Sealed Air Inflatables

Bespoke sealed air inflatables by Bloon

Made from a durable PVC these advertising inflatables are welded together rather than sewn like cold air inflatables.  This means that there is no need for a constant supply of power to your location.

We can create a sealed air inflatable in any size from around 1 metre upwards. When we say Upwards we mean it too. 

Take a look at the images of the Worlds Biggest Beach Ball that we produced for Merlin Entertainments in 2014. 

This huge sealed air inflatable was a whopping 18m in diameter and as per the official rules it had to remain inflated when the fans were turned off. 

Not only did we do this once, WE DID IT TWICE! Again breaking the record for Baywatch Movie in 2017. This time we floated the giant ball on a barge on the Thames.

Bloon are the Worlds only inflatable marketing agency with the ability to provide full production of such campaigns, with our knowledge of the experiential and PR stunt industry.