Sphere Balloons

Bespoke branded sphere balloons by Bloon

Spheres are often used for exhibitions where you have limited space and still need to be seen over your competition. Often with an allowable height of 5 meters above your stand an exhibition balloon can really draw attention to your location. Our exhibition spheres come with the option of full digital printing and internal illumination.

Most spheres for indoor use are around 2 meters in diameter. With outdoor versions ranging from 2.5 meters to 4 meters. We have also provided much larger advertising balloons for outdoor use when you’re really looking to draw attention.

Helium spheres are fantastic for concerts, festivals and stage shows. Bloon can manage the whole process from design right through to installation and operation. All ensuring that your show is spectacular.

Bloon are also the only promotional inflatable company that can offer tethered rides using helium filled spheres. These balloons are from 8 meters in diameter and can easily carry anything from 1 – 4 people up to 200ft into the air. All whilst carrying your advertising message.