Bespoke branded blimps by Bloon

Helium advertising blimps are the easiest way of getting your brand airborne.

Bloon helium blimps are made using the latest Ultrasonic welding rather than glued seems. Our special fabric allows for expansion within the body of the blimp and yet is robust enough to cope with the British weather. We also use rigid fins held in place with carbon fibre rod. All of this ensures that your blimp is in an airworthy condition for longer and will be able to fly in the UK climate.

When you purchase a helium blimp from Bloon you also automatically get a helium account meaning you can always get a reliable source of helium to keep your blimp topped up and ready to fly.

Your blimp will also be installed by one of our trained operators, during which time up to 4 members of staff will receive a training session on how to inflate, deflate, and maintain your helium blimp.

Another service we offer with your blimp is CAA checking and approval. With very close relations to the CAA across all of our work, We can provide the latest information on permissions required to fly your blimp. It is not the case that you have to apply for permission in every site.

If you would prefer, Bloon can offer a turn key management program for your blimp, where we will operate the blimp on your behalf. We also provide helium blimp hire for a range of purposes with our plain bannered advertising blimps. This is ideal if you are looking for a campaign for just a day or week.

Helium filled blimps are fantastic tools to let customers know you are either still open during Covid or have re-opened. We have helped many businesses celebrate their re-opening and now is a great time to get ready for the lifting of restrictions.