Balloon Advertising

Stand out with Balloon Advertising from Bloon

It all sounds a bit “pie in the sky” doesn’t it?!

Not with Bloon. We can turn this dream into a reality with a bespoke built advertising hot air balloon; balloons that can carry just 1 person to a hot air balloon capable of carrying 25 or 30 people or even a hot air balloon in the shape of your product. All of this is possible and here at Bloon we make it happen!

Nothing shouts “LOOK AT ME!!” more than a hot air balloon. Both the public and media cant resist snapping away with camera’s and brand recall is higher than virtually all other forms of advertising. Standing at some 100ft tall when fully inflated its not hard to see why.

Bloon have a long standing history with hot air balloon advertising. Our experienced pilots and crew have worked all over the world and fly balloons on a daily basis. Together with our media knowledge and can do attitude. Bloon ensure that your hot air balloon works as hard for you as any other marketing tool.

The main difference when choosing Bloon for your hot air balloon advertising is, we are your marketing agency first and your balloon operator second! Unlike other hot air balloon operators who may want you to invest in the easiest balloon for them, or the hot air balloon that they most want to operate. Bloon will ensure that you get the best tool for your campaign. If its important that you get “THAT” picture, we make sure that is exactly what you will get!