Character inflatables

Character Inflatables from Bloon

We can create almost any character into stunning character inflatables to really help get your business or brand noticed and bring your brand to life. 

Virtually any character can be made into an advertising inflatable. Bloon have produced bespoke character inflatables of cartoon characters, animals and even realistic caricatures of Presidents and Mayors.

Standing from 2 meters to 20 meters inflatable characters are eye catching and engage with your audience. They create something picture worthy that both the public and the media will love. No other inflatable marketing company can achieve the stunning results that come from our decades of experience in turning 2D characters into stunning 3D character inflatables. We can also create a product inflatable in the shape of your bottle, carton, car, toy…. well you get the point!

Always built with safety in mind not only do Bloon look at what you want to achieve with your advertising inflatable but we also look closely at the environment in which it will be used. Our inflatables are fitted with large deflation zippers and can also be fitted with our exclusive Super Deflation Vent (SDV) to ensure should anything happen, your inflatable would be deflated within seconds. Not to mention our re-enforced tether points and ground anchors.

Bloon have a world class team who can install and manage your inflatable in all manner of locations and situations. We can also offer brand ambassador services, thus offering a complete solution for your experiential and PR stunts. Understanding your objectives is just as important to us as it is to you.