Balloon replicas

What is a Balloon Replica?

Balloon Replicas are ideal inflatables for branding. Also known as HABR’S or Roof Toppers. They have a large surface area ideal to advertise on, yet only have a small footprint. They can be a great alternative to product inflatables or character inflatables

Balloon replicas as the name would suggest are shaped like a traditional hot air balloon shape. A roof topper inflatable is round with a base for stability.

Available in sizes from just 2 meters to 10 meters. Branding can be done via direct print or using velcro banners. Internal illumination is also available. Various materials can be used depending on the usage of your balloon replica, from a lightweight nylon fabric right up to double PVC coated fabrics similar to those used in bouncy castles. Bloon also have a special deflation system which is available on all inflatables over 4 meters in height to allow the safe and fast deflation of your inflatable.

A balloon replica is ideal for event branding or locations where you need additional branding to help you stand out from the crowd.