Bloon walkers

The illuminated Back Pack Balloon by Bloon

We are always coming up with new an exciting guerilla advertising inflatable solutions here at Bloon! Our latest creation is the Bloon Walker backpack balloon.

This is one of our latest designs, Bloon Walkers.  These large inflated spheres use LED lighting inside to change colour or provide a bright white glow. They are ideal for experiential campaigns during the winter months or indoor locations. Along with our Inflatable columns that also are very effective when illuminated.

All of our Bloon Walker backpack balloons are supplied with The back pack unit, Pole, Branded Bloon, Internal Fan, LED Lighting, Remote Control, 2x Battery packs, Battery charger. Then all packed down into a handy carry bag for transportation and storage.

These simple yet striking inflatables are simple to wear and are also really simple to change your balloon meaning. You don’t have to buy a new complete kit each time you want to change your message.